Application for Design Review (ADR)

Application for Review (ADR) Form

The ADR form is in PDF format and must be downloaded to your PC or Cell phone before it can be completed in electronic format. The current version of the form is Version 6 dated 3/6/2022. Use the link below to download the form or ask for it from Andrea at

As this is a PDF form, it should be filled out online rather than printing and writing the answers. Once the ADR PDF form is on your computer, click on the file named ADRFormAndoraCrossing.pdf and saved the file under a different file name. I recommend using your last name and the current date and the ADR abbreviation. You can then complete the form on your computer screen and save it again. If you can't seem to fill in data on the form, you may not have a PDF compatible reader installed.

I recommend you use the free Adobe PDF reader, "Acrobat". Some applications will open and allow reading a PDF file, but may not let you enter data to the form or if it appears to let you enter date, it may not allow saving. It is best to use the free Acrobat application from Adobe.

It is not necessary to physically sign the form, just entering your name in the signature block will suffice. Be sure to save the completed form to your device to keep your information saved. After saving the completed PDF form to a location on your device, send it and all required attachments via email to Andrea Krudo at

Be sure to include attachments necessary for the review. Also shown below is the most applicable paragraph (15) from the CC&R's, to remind you what is required. Also as a reminder, nearly anything you want to do to the outside of your house or construct outside, even a storage shed will need a permit from the Town of Cave Creek.

Andrea will review the form and all required attachments to ensure your ADR is ready for review by the board. She will distribute the electronic PDF form and attachments to the HOA board for review and action.

If modifications or additions anywhere near property lines are involved, be sure to include a copy of your recorded survey.

Excerpt from Andora CC&R's

15. Architectural Control . No building, fence, wall, antenna, tower, awning, sign or other structure of any kind or character shall be constructed, erected, placed or maintained upon the Property, no exterior addition, change or alteration shall be made thereto or therein, including, without limitation, to any exterior wall or entryway, whether or not part of any Lot, which is visible from any other Lot or the Common Areas, and no additions to, changes in, or alterations of visible landscaping shall be made, until plans and specifications showing the natureĀ·, kind, color, shape, height, materials, location and other physical attributes of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by the Board or by an architectural committee appointed by the Board. If the Board, or such committee, if one has been appointed, fails to approve or disapprove such proposal at its next regular meeting occurring more than thirty (30) days after proper plans and specifications have been received by it, such approval will not be required, and this paragraph will be deemed to have been fully complied with. The restrictions contained in this paragraph shall not apply to the Declarant in any way.